Internet of Things (IoT)

  • AI: Makes any object “smart” improving aspects of life, with the power of:
    - Collecting data
    - Artificial intelligence algorithms
    - The networks
    For example, that your refrigerator detects when the milk is running low and then place an order in your favorite store
  • Connectivity: New enabling technologies for networking, and specifically IoT networking, mean networks are no longer exclusively tied to major providers. Networks can exist on a much smaller and cheaper scale while still being practical. IoT creates these small networks between its system devices.
  • Sensors: They are devices that convert physical parameters such as: temperature, movement, humidity to electrical signals. These are must-haves of IoT.
    For example the monitoring of a farm where it has 4 crops that need water and then pour the same or satisfy the need of the crop.
    1. The temperature sensor connected with plant pot detects the low temperature.
    2. Then it triggers the microprocessor platforms such as Raspberry-Pi, Arduino boards.
    3. It receives the sensor signals through internet pathways such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.
    4. Then it notifies the user and the motion sensor connected to the tap which turns on to pour it.
  • Smart Grids and energy saving
  • Smart cities
  • Smart homes
  • Healthcare
  • Earthquake detection
  • Radiation detection/hazardous gas detection
  • Smartphone detection
  • Water flow monitoring
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Wearables




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Angui Clavijo Gutiérrez

Angui Clavijo Gutiérrez

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