GCC Compiler

Angui Clavijo Gutiérrez
2 min readFeb 4, 2021

GNU Compiler Collection or GCC is a optimizing compiler, created for GNU and support programming languages, operating systems. In 1983 developed for Richard Stallman with permission for using the software for GNU.

The compilation is a process of converting the source code to object code, verify the structural errors or if source code not have errors.

The process of C Compilation, have four parts very important’s:

  1. Preprocessor
  2. Compiler
  3. Assembler
  4. Linker
  1. Preprocessor:
    Is a program that processes its input data to produce, its is used as input to another program. The output said to be preprocessed.
  2. Compiler:
    Is a program special that processes statements written in a programming language for convert to machine language.
  3. Assembler:
    Is a program that convert assembly language into machine code. Take basic commands and operations converts them into binary code, that be recognized by a specific processor.
  4. Linker:
    Is a Computer program that takes one or more object files generate by a compiler and combines in one executable program.

How Compile?

The before code, produce a preprossed source code that is sent to output standard.
The before code, convert the code into file that is compiled but
it has not been assembled.
The before code, convert the file Compile or assemble the source files, but do not link.
This result of compilation process c